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Generating clean solar energy on-site means lower overhead costs

Relevant Energy specializes in working with business, building, and land owners to install both rooftop and ground-mounted solar energy systems.

Turnkey design, engineering, and installation

Financing fit for your business

Lower utility bills + Higher property value

Reduce overall environmental impact

How Does Solar Energy Work?

Tax Credits & Depreciation


Client Testimonial

“My name is Dennis Carlson, I am a residential real estate appraiser. I installed a solar system on my acreage property last fall. The reason I installed solar, was I have lived in my property for 19 years and every year my electrical bill goes up. Prior to selecting Kansas solar, I got bids from two other companies. Kansas solar beat the price buy a substantial amount. The installation was quick and smooth and they positioned the rack exactly where I wanted it. I especially like the inverter, as I have a live time feed, and can check it anytime how much my system is producing. The panels that got I’m more efficient than most panels on the current market from the competitors. I am very pleased with my system, and look forward to benefiting from it in the years to come thanks, Dennis Carlson.”


“I am very pleased with how much my system is producing. The solar panels I purchased seem to be more efficient than the other smaller panels that required a larger footprint array since the competitors’ bids used smaller panels” ~ Dennis Carlson